everything takes longer

I remember a time when I could shower and get myself ready without many interruptions. Now, it takes at least 30 minutes extra. The photo to the right is one reason why. As soon as he hears the blow dryer, he must run over to have his hair dried, too. I'll take the inconvenience, because it's pretty cute.



never a moment alone

I had just showered...with an audience of a 4 year old and 1 year old, of course. Both boys were running around the room and I was just thinking to myself, "This is chaos and I can't remember the last time I've taken a shower by myself." So I decided to grab my camera to document me feeling overwhelmed...fresh outta the shower and already overwhelmed. I set the timer, ran to sit down and here comes Blake running over to crawl in my lap. The first few frames he did this I was getting annoyed because I was thinking, "Omg I can't even take a self portrait alone!! AHHH!" And then it hit me...THIS is motherhood. I need to capture THIS. So I set the timer, ran to my spot and along came Blake. Instead of trying to push him away...I grabbed him and embraced the moment. I'm glad I did. 


slide baby, slide

My little baby isn't so much a baby anymore. He loves his slide. I love watching the joy on his face every.singe.time. I love tickling him and making him laugh on his way down. His laugh and smile is so contagious. I think we could all learn something from toddlers who find joy in the smallest things.


wet floors & meltdowns

Bath time...it can be mundane and tiresome at times. It's the same thing every time. Starts out fun and then ends in yelling because they're splashing too much water all over the floor. Or Blake keeps throwing wet toys out. Or Bryce dumps water on Blake's head after I've told him 100 times not to, resulting in a total Blake meltdown. By the end of bath time I usually need a glass of wine. But, as with anything, they are only little once and eventually it'll be weird if I help bathe them. So for now I suck it up, try to enjoy it...and the glass of wine once the kids are in bed.


mamas kiss boo-boos

I was attempting to get a really sweet shot of all 3 of us coloring at the table, so I set up the tripod and set the interval timer. Before I could even get to the table, Blake knocked over a glass of water onto the floor creating a huge mess. So naturally I kept the timer going but just moved the tripod and caught the next 2 photos. Bryce (somehow) hurt his finger and asked me to kiss it better. 4 year olds don't care that you're on your hands and knees cleaning up a spill...they need attention stat! Any good mama knows that to avoid a meltdown you stop what you're doing and kiss the boo-boo. I'll miss the day that I can just kiss his boo-boos away.


never an empty lap

It's a given. If I'm sitting on the floor, there will be a kid or two in my lap. It never fails. I guess I can't really blame them. I'm sure my lap is much more comfortable than the floor.


curve balls

Sometimes, as a momtog, I go the extra mile to get certain shots. Like climbing up on a ladder. With a busy and curious 19 month old, he makes it hard to accomplish the shots I was going after. So for the safety of myself and him, I quickly take a (mama) bird's eye view photo, get down and then just take a regular, boring, standard photo over Bryce's shoulder. Blake may have "ruined" my plans for a cool shot of Bryce but motherhood throws us curve balls and we have to be prepared. So thanks, Blake, for throwing me this curve ball as I hit it outta the park! ;)

PS - I debated whether or not to edit Blake's dirty face. But since I'm revealing the truth here, I decided to keep it so the whole world can see what a mess my kids really are. That's what eating crayons and dirt will do to ya.


I mom so hard

Because when your toddler asks you to wear a superhero mask while playing with superheros...you just do it. Besides, if I'm going to be stuck playing with my kids, I might as well have a little fun with it. Yes, I said "stuck". While it may look like fun, you can only pretend to be a superhero, dinosaur or horse so many times before you want to hide in a closet watching #Imomsohard youtube videos. 


moments that exist

Doing this "Superman thing" with my  youngest is one of his favorite things. He will have me do this over and over and over again and each time he laughs like it's the first time. Even though I had no make-up on and hair needing to be washed, I decided to get in front of the camera and document this anyway. One day he will be way too big, I'll be way too old and it may even be way too weird to do this. On that day, neither one of us will care what I looked like. We'll just be glad that this moment still exists.



When what you need to do and what you want to do collide...need I say more?


what I live for

This big boy of mine. He tells me all the time now that he's getting so old. Ha! I'll tell him that he doesn't need me anymore and I love when he replies with, "I will always need you, mommy!" He may be "almost 6", according to him, but that doesn't stop this big boy from taking advantage of quiet cuddles with mom before bed. I cherish these moments. These moments make every crazy part of motherhood worth it. This is what I live for.

There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed, but in the eyes, heart and mind of your child you are super mom.
— Stephanie Precourt